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Gift Card Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to all purchased gift cards from

  • Redeem gift cards

    You can only redeem gift cards for products from

    You can redeem your gift card during the regular order procedure. If the value of the order is higher than the value of your gift card, then you can pay the remainder with any of our other available payment methods. You can only use one gift card per order. It's not possible to combine gift cards with other rebates.

    Any remainder will be available on you gift card for further purchases, if the gift card value is higher than your order.

  • Limitations

    Gift cards can not be used to purchase further gift cards. Gift cards can not be recharged, traded or paid out.

  • Fraud

    In case of fraud or attempted deception, is entitled to cancel any order and/or to demand a payment with another payment method.

Last update: 2017-06-01